Roofing Tools

Nr. 1002 STUBAI Schlosserhammer mit Stahlrohrstiel nach DIN 1041

N° 1002 STUBAI Engineer’s hammer DIN 1041

with tubular steel shaft and rubber grip

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N° 1004 STUBAI Engineer’s hammer DIN 1041

head secured to lacquered ash handle by...

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N° 1006 STUBAI Glazier's hammer

Wooden handle, head side faces ground...

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Nr. 1012 STUBAI Schonhammer

N° 1012 STUBAI Soft face hammer

Exchangeable plastic faces made of...

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Nr. 1080 STUBAI Beißzange asymmetrisch

N° 1080 STUBAI Asymmetrical pincers

Special tool steel, hardened and...

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Nr. 1161 STUBAI Dreikantschaber

N° 1161 STUBAI Bearing scraper

Zinc-plated, lacquered handle,...

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Nr. 1180 STUBAI Schweißer Gripzange

N° 1180 STUBAI Welding grip pliers

For temporarily clinging of all metal...

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Nr. 1180 STUBAI Breitmaul-Gripzange

N° 1180 STUBAI Broad mouth grip pliers

Ideal for holding metalpieces temporary...

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Nr. 1180 STUBAI Universalgripzange

N° 1180 STUBAI Self grip wrench

Both jaws concave, cutter between jaws,...

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Nr. 1181 STUBAI Universalgripzange

N° 1181 STUBAI Self grip wrench

With parallel jaws, forged of...

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1614 01

N° 1614 STUBAI Seaming hammer

N° 1614 01 with steel handle and...

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Nr. 2500 STUBAI Spitzzirkel

N° 2500 STUBAI Dividers

Tempering steel, tips hardened,...

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Nr. 2510  STUBAI Bogenzirkel

N° 2510 STUBAI Bow dividers

Design as N° 2500 but with bow and...

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Nr. 2540 STUBAI Federspitzzirkel

N° 2540 STUBAI Spring-type dividers

Made of temperd steel, tips hardened,...

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Nr. 2620 STUBAI Reißnadel, gebogen

N° 2620 STUBAI Scriber, curved

Curved, knurled grip, tip of chrome...

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Nr. 2630 STUBAI Schlosserwinkel ohne Anschlag

N° 2630 STUBAI Engineer's steel square

Chrome plated, latest precision...

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Nr. 2632 STUBAI Flanschenwinkel

N° 2632 STUBAI Flange square

For adjustment work in locations with...

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