Woodworking Tools

Nr. 1018 STUBAI Tacksheber

N° 1018 STUBAI Tack and nail lifter

Made of CV-steel, lacquered handle and...

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N° 1166 STUBAI Pin punches set

CV steel, octagonal shaft, powder...

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Nr. 1191 STUBAI Leimgripzange

N° 1191 STUBAI Clamp self grip

Polished and nickel-plated, used for...

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Nr. 1805 STUBAI Universal Magnethalter für Bits

N° 1805 STUBAI Universal magnetic holder for bits

STUBAI Bit universal magnet holder for...

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Nr. 2500 STUBAI Spitzzirkel

N° 2500 STUBAI Dividers

Tempering steel, tips hardened,...

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Nr. 2510  STUBAI Bogenzirkel

N° 2510 STUBAI Bow dividers

Design as N° 2500 but with bow and...

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Nr. 2520  STUBAI Bleistiftzirkel

N° 2520 STUBAI Pencil dividers with bow

Design as N° 2510 but with socket...

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Nr. 2540 STUBAI Federspitzzirkel

N° 2540 STUBAI Spring-type dividers

Made of temperd steel, tips hardened,...

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Nr. 2550  STUBAI Greifzirkel

N° 2550 STUBAI Outside caliper

made of steel, black galvanized,...

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Nr. 2560 STUBAI Lochzirkel

N° 2560 STUBAI Inside caliper

Made of steel, black galvanized,...

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N° 2590 STUBAI Angle reamer with notch

For wood, made of special tool steel....

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