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N° 2521 STUBAI WoodRepair Filler Bags

Woodrepair Ast

N° 2521 STUBAI WoodRepair Filler Bags

• Branch filler is applied with a hot glue gun
• Press on the cooling iron, wait a few seconds
• Remove excess branch filler with planer
• Sand the spot
• Finished!

+ Easy to use with branch filler pistol
+ fast drying time
+ durable
+ compatible with oil, varnish, varnish and stain
+ dimensionally stable, does not sink
+ Non-toxic polyamide-based product
+ UV resistant
+ for indoor and outdoor use

Branch Filler available in the colors:
Ash, pine, branch, oak, beech, walnut, mahogany, bright pine, cherry, black, gray, yellow, white

ArtikelnummerBezeichnung / DescriptionDimensionGewichtEAN-Code
252120STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Mix 1 / STUBAI WoodRepair Compact Bag Mix 1150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937304
252121STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Mix 2 / STUBAI WoodRepair Compact Bag Mix 2150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937311
252122STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Weiß / STUBAI WoodRepair Compact Pouch White150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937328
252123STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Esche / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag ash150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937335
252124STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Kiefer / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag pine150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937342
252125STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Kiefer hell / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag pine bright150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937359
252126STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Eiche / STUBAI WoodRepair compact pouch oak150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937366
252127STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Mahagoni / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag mahogany150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937373
252128STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Walnuss / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag walnut150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937380
252129STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Buche / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag beech150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937397
252130STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Kirsche / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag cherry150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937403
252131STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Ast / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag branch150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937410
252132STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Schwarz / STUBAI WoodRepair Compact Pouch Black150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937427
252133STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Reinigungsstäbe / STUBAI WoodRepair compact-bag cleaning rods150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937434
252134STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Grau / STUBAI WoodRepair Compact Pouch Gray150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937649
252135STUBAI WoodRepair Kompakt-Beutel Gelb / STUBAI WoodRepair compact bag yellow150 mm / 8 Sticks0,15 kg937823

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