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N° 2675/2676 STUBAI Curved tin snips

2675 2676 scissors

N° 2675/2676 STUBAI Curved tin snips

Special tin snips wit for straight and curved cuts, induction-hardened blades, separate left-hand and right-hand
models, Rockwell number: 58-60 HRC,
Material: C60 carbon steel

ArtikelnummerAusführungDesignpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gL mmZoll / InchEAN 9002793
2675 01rechtsright420 g250 mm10"210193
2675 02rechtsright560 g300 mm11 1/2"210209
2676 01linksleft420 g250 mm10"210216
2676 02links left560 g300 mm11 1/2"210223

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