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N° 2823 STUBAI Corner seaming pliers, straight

282310-20 plier

N° 2823 STUBAI Corner seaming pliers, straight

Special pliers, forged, straight, surface ground, with box joint,
quenched and tempered jaws and mouth, black varnished handle, especially
advantageous for work on mouldings, Material: C45 carbon steel

ArtikelnummerAusführungDesignpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmZoll / InchEAN 9002793ET Einstecktiefe mm
2823 101850 g100 mm500 mm19 1/2"211213120 mm
2823 121900 g120 mm500 mm19 1/2"211220120 mm
2823 142000 g140 mm500 mm19 1/2"211237120 mm
2823 163050 g160 mm570 mm22"211244160 mm
2823 183250 g180 mm570 mm22"211251160 mm
2823 203360 g200 mm570 mm22"211268160 mm
2823 10NR1900 g100 mm500 mm19 1/2"879666120 mm
2823 12NR1950 g120 mm500 mm19 1/2"879673120 mm
2823 14NR2050 g140 mm500 mm19 1/2"879680120 mm
2823 16NR3100 g160 mm570 mm22"879697160 mm
2823 18NR3300 g180 mm570 mm22"879703160 mm
2823 20NR3400 g200 mm570 mm22"879710160 mm

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