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N° 3100 STUBAI tenon cutters


N° 3100 STUBAI tenon cutters

Tool with reduced shank, multiple blades peripheral cutting edge, fromtempered steel, hardened. The tenons are made with a light excess so that the patch dowels sit properly.

Use:For the production of patch dowels. Suitable with universal drill 3085

Speed table:Less than 16 mm: softwood 900 r.p.m. hardwood 450 r.p.m.16 to 35 mm: softwood 400 r.p.m. hardwood 250 r.p.m.About 35 mm: softwood 200 r.p.m. hardwood 250 r.p.m.The typical values are not guaranteed and depend on the type of wood, clamping etc.!

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofKopfgewicht/
Head Weight
Gewicht gL mm2-L mm3-L mm Ø mmd1 mmZahnung mmEAN 9002793
3100 01100 g100 mm30 mm10 mm10 mm4 mm303871
3100 02130 g110 mm30 mm15 mm10 mm4 mm303888
3100 03180 g120 mm35 mm20 mm13 mm5 mm303895
3100 04200 g120 mm35 mm25 mm13 mm5 mm303901
3100 05220 g132 mm35 mm30 mm13 mm5 mm303918
3100 06250 g132 mm35 mm35 mm13 mm5 mm303925
3100 07280 g132 mm35 mm40 mm16 mm6 mm303932
3100 08320 g138 mm35 mm45 mm16 mm6 mm303949
3100 09360 g138 mm35 mm50 mm16 mm6 mm303956

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