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N° 3510 STUBAI Wood chisels with red beech wood handle


N° 3510 STUBAI Wood chisels with red beech wood handle

Extra long blade, drop forged, high alloy tool steel, special heat treatment, precision ground. Handle of knotless beech with strong ferrules, PVC edge guard.
Sharpening instructions (applies to all wood chisel): The wedge angle should be wet sanded at an angle of 25 °. Under no circumstance exceed tempering temperature of 200° C / 410F (= light yellow), otherwise the hardness of blade would be decreased

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmKlingenlänge / Blade lengthKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793Heftlänge mm
3510 0675 g239 mm122 mm6 mm306728117 mm
3510 0889 g260 mm143 mm8 mm307152117 mm
3510 10100 g264 mm147 mm10 mm306735117 mm
3510 12115 g266 mm147 mm12 mm307169119 mm
3510 14120 g266 mm147 mm14 mm306742119 mm
3510 16122 g266 mm147 mm16 mm306759119 mm
3510 18141 g269 mm144 mm18 mm307176125 mm
3510 20162 g269 mm144 mm20 mm306766125 mm
3510 22156 g269 mm144 mm22 mm307398125 mm
3510 24192 g277 mm144 mm24 mm306773133 mm
3510 26188 g277 mm144 mm26 mm306780133 mm
3510 28190 g277 mm144 mm28 mm307404133 mm
3510 30208 g282 mm144 mm30 mm306797138 mm
3510 32218 g282 mm144 mm32 mm831718138 mm
3510 35224 g282 mm144 mm35 mm307411138 mm
3510 40237 g282 mm144 mm40 mm307428138 mm

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