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N° 3530 STUBAI Special wood chisels Swedish type


N° 3530 STUBAI Special wood chisels Swedish type

Form corresponds to ISO / DIN 3139 (European and international industrial standards). Blade forged from high alloy tool steel, special heat treatment, thereby fine grain texture in the microstructure, mirror polished surface lead to the finest cutting edge retention. The smooth finish reduces the effort of sharpening
Handle: Selected white beechwood, strong corrosion resistant ferrules on front and percussive, shock absorbing bounce leather washer between handle and blade.

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmKlingenlänge / Blade lengthKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793Heftlänge mm
3530 0160 g60 mm237 mm120 mm4 mm304847117 mm
3530 0270 g70 mm237 mm120 mm6 mm304854117 mm
3530 0380 g80 mm237 mm120 mm8 mm304861117 mm
3530 04100 g100 mm239 mm122 mm10 mm304878117 mm
3530 2297 g97 mm244 mm125 mm12 mm307435119 mm
3530 05110 g110 mm244 mm125 mm13 mm304885119 mm
3530 2498 g98 mm244 mm125 mm14 mm307442119 mm
3530 06120 g120 mm244 mm125 mm16 mm304892119 mm
3530 07150 g150 mm254 mm129 mm18 mm304908125 mm
3530 08174 g174 mm256 mm131 mm20 mm304915125 mm
3530 26165 g165 mm257 mm132 mm22 mm831725125 mm
3530 09190 g190 mm267 mm134 mm24 mm304922133 mm
3530 10200 g200 mm269 mm136 mm26 mm304939133 mm
3530 28211 g211 mm272 mm139 mm28 mm831732133 mm
3530 11235 g235 mm279 mm141 mm30 mm304946138 mm
3530 30255 g255 mm280 mm142 mm32 mm831756138 mm
3530 12260 g260 mm287 mm149 mm35 mm304953138 mm
3530 13404 g404 mm295 mm157 mm40 mm304960138 mm

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