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N° 3540 STUBAI Chisels with red plastic handle


N° 3540 STUBAI Chisels with red plastic handle

Extra long blade, drop-forged, high alloy steel. Special heat treatment. Finest grind.
PVC edge guard.
Handle: from shockproof CA (cellulose acetate), ergonomically designed with brushed, non-slip surface, with suspension hole and EAN code

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmKlingenlänge / Blade lengthKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793Heftlänge mm
3540 0670 g246 mm122 mm6 mm305028124 mm
3540 08140 g267 mm143 mm8 mm307121124 mm
3540 1090 g271 mm147 mm10 mm305035124 mm
3540 12160 g271 mm147 mm12 mm307138124 mm
3540 14110 g271 mm147 mm14 mm305042124 mm
3540 16130 g271 mm147 mm16 mm305059124 mm
3540 18200 g269 mm145 mm18 mm307145124 mm
3540 20160 g272 mm144 mm20 mm305066128 mm
3540 22240 g272 mm144 mm22 mm307459128 mm
3540 24219 g272 mm144 mm24 mm305073128 mm
3540 26210 g272 mm144 mm26 mm305080128 mm
3540 28260 g272 mm144 mm28 mm307466128 mm
3540 30240 g272 mm144 mm30 mm305097128 mm
3540 32254 g272 mm144 mm32 mm831763128 mm
3540 35300 g272 mm144 mm35 mm307473128 mm
3540 40300 g272 mm144 mm40 mm307480128 mm

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