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N° 3600 STUBAI Firmer gouges


N° 3600 STUBAI Firmer gouges

Stable ferrule


Of selected red beechwood, knot free.
Ergonomic, impact resistant handle of red beechwood

Hand-forged blade, precision ground, polished.

High alloy tool steel
Highest edge-holding ability

2/3 of the blade hardened
to HRC 59-61

Cutting angle 25°

Razor sharp edge
Honed ready to use

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmKlingenlänge / Blade lengthKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793Heftlänge mm
3600 0170 g241 mm124 mm6 mm305516117 mm
3600 0275 g243 mm126 mm8 mm305523117 mm
3600 0385 g243 mm126 mm10 mm305530117 mm
3600 0494 g247 mm128 mm13 mm305547119 mm
3600 05130 g249 mm130 mm16 mm305554119 mm
3600 06150 g260 mm135 mm18 mm305561125 mm
3600 07152 g263 mm138 mm20 mm305578125 mm
3600 08210 g273 mm140 mm24 mm305585133 mm
3600 09270 g277 mm144 mm26 mm305592133 mm
3600 10212 g285 mm147 mm30 mm305608138 mm

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