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N° 4188 STUBAI Tile cutting machines


N° 4188 STUBAI Tile cutting machines

Typical character through:

• Perfect handling as well as highest function standards
• Newly protected, developed gliding and guide rails guarantee absolut stability, non-deformable, adjustable if needed
• Precise, 8 ball bearings, adjustable, interchangeable
• Diagonal fence, angle preciseness over the whole length
• Galvanized pole with 2K-handle
• Concave ball bearings eliminate dirt accumulation
• Perfect visibility to the HM/TIN cutting wheel
• Wooden breaking plates, spring supported, anti-deforming
• Precise smooth rolling cutting wheel
• Trolley function on models 900 and 1200mm
• Lower breaking mechanism with less force necessary
• Solidness given through 4 or 6 anti slip rubber feet
• Angle preciseness over the whole length
• Guide rails can be fixed in position
• Diagonal fence from 0 to 90 degree adjustable
• Board extenders with swivelling action, flexible, made of spring steel
• Guide rails guarantee absolut stability, non deformable, adjustable if needed
• Model 900 mm with two board extenders, model 1200 with 4 board extenders
• Carrying handle retractable by model 900 and 1200 mm

Art. N° 4188 95 Guide Pin Set consisting of:
1x Guide Pin, 1x Spring, 1x Screw

Head Weight
Gewicht g L mmZoll / Inch Form
FarbeBezeichnung / designationL m Maschenweite Tragkraft kg   EAN 9002793
4188 4813000 g480 mm874371
4188 6016000 g600 mm874388
4188 9021000 g900 mm874395
4188 1226000 g1200 mm874401
4188 202 gErsatzachse875828
4186 2010 gErsatzrad TIN822693
4188 955 g885919

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