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N° 4417 STUBAI Universal Plate Tang


N° 4417 STUBAI Universal Plate Tang

The STUBAI universal flag-carrier facilitates the manual work with heavy flags (tiles, natural stones and concrete stones).
Adjustable from 300 mm up to 500 mm, zinc-plated.
The speciality of this construction: when carrying the flags no tiresome attitude of the body and the arms is necessary.
The flag is taken from the pile already in vertical position and can be carried easily like a bag. The flag can be brought in horizontal position to be laid without any further effort.
up to 66 lbs. carrying capacity

Head Weight
Gewicht g L mmZoll / Inch Form
FarbeBezeichnung / designationL m Maschenweite Tragkraft kg   EAN 9002793
4417 01 1360 g300 - 500 mm 405803

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