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N° 4453 STUBAI Finishing Trowel Venezia


N° 4453 STUBAI Finishing Trowel Venezia

Blade of polished special steel, stainless, hardened,
all corners rounded, burr free, aluminium lightweight
tang, ergonomic 2K handle, to use on Stucco-
Products, to achieve the marble-look effect on
interior walls.

Artikelnummerauch erhältlich inGewicht gGröße mmB mmL mmZoll / InchZahnung mmBL. B. mmEAN 9002793
4353 012K220 g200 x 80 mm862088
4353 022K260 g240 x 100 mm862071
4353 032K290 g280 x 120 mm862095

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