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N° 6722 STUBAI Kitchen axe


N° 6722 STUBAI Kitchen axe

Clean forged, ground and polished over the entire edge length, with
Ash handle, lightweight universal axe for building, home and garden use.

ArtikelnummerDesignpassend zu / suitable forKopfgewicht/
Head Weight
Gewicht gL mmKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793
6722 02400 g540 g604329
6722 04600 g760 g604343
6722 06800 g990 g604367
6723 02Ersatzstiel zu 400g/ replacement handle for 400g140 g604640
6723 03Ersatzstiel zu 600g/ replacement handle for 600g160 g604657
6723 04Ersatzstiel zu 800g/ replacement handle for 800g190 g604664

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