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N° 6729 STUBAI Splitting maul


N° 6729 STUBAI Splitting maul

Clean forged, ground, polished and lacquered, single spherical
ground, with turning nose, with ash handle, for splitting up to one meter lengths,
partially open blocks and short billets, for heavy wedge works.

ArtikelnummerDesignpassend zu / suitable forKopfgewicht/
Head Weight
Gewicht gL mmKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793
6729 013000 g3750 g850 mm605012
6729 023500 g4500 g850 mm605029
6729 21Ersatzstiel / replacement handle1000 g850 mm875651
1022 05Ersatzstiel / replacement handle800 g850 mm819457

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