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N° 6742 Handsappie with cutting edge


N° 6742 Handsappie with cutting edge

further development of the Stubai Hand sappi with an
aluminium handle.
Straight handle w/o slip guard, therefore usable on both sides.
End of handle w. rubber anti slip sleeve.
Optimal overall length of 550mm for use on both sides.
Using the cutting edge: to cut remaining wood fibres on
split logs. Suitable to knock off smaller branches.
Lightweight, shatterproof Aluminium handle.
The abraded sappie tip drives perfectly into wood.
To lift light, cut in length chumps as well as to clean up smaller and
light pieces of wood.

ArtikelnummerAusführungTyp/BereichGewicht gGröße mmEAN 9002793
1102 01StandardJ1/ 10 - 35 mm92 g135 mm106687
1102 02StandardJ2/ 18 - 75 mm168 g190 mm106694
1102 03StandardJ3/ 38 - 120 mm237 g220 mm106700

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