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N° S7070 STUBAI Woodturning set 5 pcs.


N° S7070 STUBAI Woodturning set 5 pcs.

7008 19 Roughing-out gouge, heavy duty
This heavy duty gouge is designed for the initial turning on uneven or square spindle stock to round.

7005 13 Spindle gouge
Almost all curved shapes can te turned and made to a good smooth finish with this tool.

7058 05 Parting tool, diamond section
This tool is shaped to give clearance to the cut. The special profile reduces the risk of binding in the cut.

7010 13 Bowl gouge, deep fluted
The performance of the tool is particularly important when working against the grain. Our special HSS bowl gouge is far more suitable for this kind of work than conventional gouges. The special shape of this tool allows shavings to be removed quickly and efficiently and prevents the tool from being caught in the wood during turning.

7020 25 Chisel, skew
This skew chisel is indispensable for parting and for making V-cuts. Also for shaping along the grain.

Artikelnummerbestehend aus / consisting ofGewichtEAN-Code
S7070 047008 19
7005 13
7010 13
7058 05
1.500 g896847

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