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Explanation of Floats

Quality Float Pads

Float pads are being used by Masonry Craftsmen in order to apply different Cement and Stucco products on floors and walls.
Becuase of the circular rubbing motion, layer’s of stucco products bond to each other and establish a solid surface.

We differ several floats and pads for different applications. The finish plaster consits of several coats and for each coat we use a different float or pad.

In order to achieve the wanted finish look, masons can work with Metal Cement Trowels, Feltpads, Caoutchoucpads, Rubberfloats, Woodfloats, Brushes, Polyurethan and PVC Floats. Plaster and Stucco Products can be applied manually by hand or with plaster gun riggs. Depending on the structure of the cement product, we differ in Stuccofinish, Plasterfinish, Designfinish and Paintfinish on walls. To establish all these looks we use these quality products.

Feltplaster: The Plaster is applied by a Float with Feltpad and the finish is quite smooth.
Roughplaster: By using different Spongepads, the craftsman can establish a wide range of finish structure appearances. For interior and exterior applications.
Note: Use rough Rubberpads to achieve rough and rustic look appearances on Stucco.

BR 2: Spongerrubberpad ORANGE - 20 mm

The rough sponge structure causes the plaster to appear rough on the surface. Perfectly for applying the bottom coat on Walls, in order for the finish coat to bond.

BR 1: Spongerrubberpad ORANGE - 10 mm

  • for rough and rustic look surface
  • light and semi rough structure
  • light sandy appearances

BS: Cellcaoutchoucpad BLACK

The Cellcaoutchoucpad is compact in it´s appearance and does not absob water, therefore it is best used during the finishprocess on Stuccoproducts. This pad is also pfrerred to grout any Tilesurface. For a smooth finish.

BF: Hardpressed Feltpad

The Feltpad performs similar as the Cellcaoutchoucpad and is used on a fine structure Chalk Cement finish.

PU: Polyurethan Float

Poloyurethan does not absob water because of it’s density. It gives the stucco a complete smooth finish. This finish does not allow for other coats to bond strongly.

T: Wooden Float

The Wooden Float has a damp suction function and can spread the plaster on the Wallsurface. The board structure is rather rough and therefore the Plaster structure resembles this rough look.