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N° 2824 STUBAI Disc-Bender


N° 2824 STUBAI Disc-Bender

The advantages of our Disc-Bender:
+ with swivelling wheel
+ a right angle of 90º can be bent to 180º
+ no adjustment necessary
+ for eaves cladding, cross seams, gutter flashings, valley channels, drip edges, wall capping and many more
+ max. metal thickness up to 1 mm/19ga. (depending on material)
+ with swivelling wheel. Designed for placing the tool easily in work pieces that are difficult to access or to remove.

ArtikelnummerUmschlagUmschlaghöhe / Profile HeightGewichtEAN-Code
2824 6090° - 180° umschlagen8 - 40 mm900 g940700

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