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N° 2828 STUBAI Seaming pliers


N° 2828 STUBAI Seaming pliers

Special pliers, forged, with box joint, jaws and mouth quenched and tempered, slightly rounded edges, red plastic coated handle, for high seams, the pointed angles at the mouth are particularly advantageous for the seaming of corners, N° 2828 51/ 52 lap joint. Material: C45 carbon steel

ArtikelnummerAusführungDesignpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmZoll / InchEAN 9002793ET Einstecktiefe mm
2828 01850 g80 mm325 mm12 1/2"21143580 mm
2828 51850 g80 mm325 mm12 1/2"85317880 mm
2828 01NR850 g80 mm325 mm12 1/2"87704480 mm
2828 51NR850 g80 mm325 mm12 1/2"87368880 mm
2828 52600 g60 mm325 mm12 1/2"87978955 mm
2828 52NR600 g60 mm325 mm12 1/2"87977255 mm

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