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N° 3575 STUBAI Carpenter’s wood chisels


N° 3575 STUBAI Carpenter’s wood chisels

Revolving ferrule

Of selected white beech wood with strong striking ring

Ergonomic, impact resistant handle of white beechwood

High alloy tool steel
Highest edge-holding ability

3/4 of the blade hardened
to HRC 59-61

Extra strong and long blade, drop-forged. Special heat treatment. Finest grind.

Cutting angle 25°

Razor sharp edge
Honed ready to use

PVC edge guard

Artikelnummerbestehend aus/consisting ofpassend zu / suitable forGewicht gGröße mmL mmKlingenlänge / Blade lengthKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793Heftlänge mm
3575 01300 g301 mm176 mm30 mm305349125 mm
3575 02350 g305 mm180 mm35 mm305356125 mm
3575 03400 g309 mm184 mm40 mm305363125 mm
3575 28360 g301 mm176 mm28 mm865287125 mm

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