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N° 6718 STUBAI Forestry axe rheinland type


N° 6718 STUBAI Forestry axe rheinland type

Forged, ground over the entire length, polished and lacquered with
ergonomic ash handle, for driving felling wedges and also use like a Splitting axe.

ArtikelnummerDesignpassend zu / suitable forKopfgewicht/
Head Weight
Gewicht gL mmKlingenbreite/ blade widthEAN 9002793
6718 02800 g1120 g600 mm606439
6718 031000 g1320 g600 mm606453
6718 041200 g1590g650 mm603926
6718 051400 g1780 g700 mm603933
6718 121250 g1580 g700 mm833019
6716 21Ersatzstiel / replacement handle320 g600 mm603612
6716 22Ersatzstiel / replacement handle350 g650 mm603629
6716 23Ersatzstiel / replacement handle380 g700 mm603636

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